Recherchieren im Internet

Umfang und Inhalt: ca. 4 - 5 UE
passend zur Unit 7 - New York im Lehrwerk: The new You & Me 4 - Basic Course (passt aber auch für Enriched Course)
Anforderungen: Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate bis Advanced
starting with a video (including the famous song from Frank Sinatra), pupils will learn something about famous sights, buildings, places ... in New York;
then it continues with a listening
pupils will also learn something about why New York is also called "The Big Apple", they will learn something about history, ...
(all the activities mentioned above are somehow being tested, either a (moodle)test or a test included in a SCORM-activity, ...)
Kursersteller: Thomas Schöftner
Epict Wahlmodul 03: Presentations DUT
EPICT Modul A - Let's find something on the Web - GEI