The project wants to increase the motivation of pupils and teachers in the field of the sciences by applying innovative teaching methods and giving the opportunity of intercultural and international dialogue. We want to increase pupils' motivation by providing innovative teaching methods, for example e-Learning-platforms. We want to introduce English as a working language in the sciences, which enables them to follow the international discussion.
Another motivating fact is the cooperation among teenagers from different European countries and cultural backgrounds. We want to increase teacher motivation by providing tools and methods for innovative science teaching. They will be provided by specialists from the university. The first year will concentrate on the subjects biology and chemistry. The pupils' work will concentrate on phenology in the seasons - studying the life in and on the soil in the various areas of all participating schools and they will concentrate on learning about alternative means of energy production. The design of the project enables us to fulfill our ambitious aims. At the first project meeting in Austria (November 2008) university specialists will provide knowledge and material for the use of English as a working language in the sciences and they will provide knowledge of e-Learníng tools for biology and chemistry teachers. We will install workgroups for biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and supporting workgroups on history and geography to show how differnt cultural backgrounds lead to a different understanding in the importance of the sciences. In the next step the teachers introduce these methods at their schools, by developing lesson plans for certain classes and showing their practise to their colleagues.
Then in a round of teacher exchange meetings the teachers involved in the project give each other feedback and try to improve their science lessons in English and by the use of e-Learning.
The second project meeting in Finland (April 2009) focuses on evaluation of the developed lesson plans and on the products the pupils have created during these lessons. The pupils and teachers together work on phenology.
The second year will concentrate on physics, IT and mathematics. Teachers of these subjects will get training in designing lessons in English and e-Learning material. Pupils will concentrate on alternative energy production. The end products will be sets of teaching materials and documentations of pupils.
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