Lots of links for independent grammar revision

Here you have a lot of useful links which help you to practise English grammar. Have fun with grammar.

  1. Make a list of your week points in grammar (article, tenses, modals, adverbs, passive, conditionals,....)
  2. Decide to do one topic per week (e.g. past tense simple - past tense continuous).
  3. Revise this topic after 2 weeks.
  4. Use this site 3 times a week at least. Write down the dates, when you did exercises next to the topics.
  5. Try out the various exercises on ONE TOPIC and on ONE link for some time until you don't make any mistakes any more.
  6. Then find exercises for the SAME topic on one of the other links.
  7. You will soon use 2-3 favourite links which you prefer going to most of the time.
  8. Always do a listening exercise (see there), too.
  9. Show your teacher the list ONCE a month.

> link 1
> link 2
> link 3
> link 4
> link 5
> link 6
> link 7
> link 8
> link 9
> link 10

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